Ron, Consultant

Alexander lessons with Michelle Obrecht are one of my favorite and valued activities.  They are fun, relaxing, insightful and liberating.  Alexander lessons are a training in being centered and agile in one’s everyday engagement with life – both physically and mentally.

Michelle is grounded in the core principles of the Alexander Technique, and is creative and flexible in how she applies them.  She varies her lessons so they are never boring, often bringing new approaches and perspectives to the training.

Michelle is uniquely intuitive and subtle in her work.  She has an amazing body sense – an ability to accurately observe what’s happening in the student’s body, and to communicate effectively to the student with with subtle, hands-on cues and direct manipulation.  She combines this with creative verbal instruction and visualization.

The Alexander Technique is a core life training for engaging life with a greater freedom and nimbleness of body and mind.  Michelle is an excellent and gifted teacher – lessons with her are a unique opportunity that I would highly recommend.


Alexander Technique lessons in Ann Arbor, Michigan

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