Donna Kehoe, Writer and Editor

KehoeFor more than thirty years, I spent many hours a day sitting hunched over a desktop or laptop, experiencing back, shoulder, and neck pain. I went on walks, worked with physical therapists, and set up an ergonomic workstation; my pain would subside temporarily only to return with increasing severity as the default postural positions that years and years of poor practice had reinforced came back into play. Fearing that the pain would become restrictive, I researched various techniques for postural correction and pain relief, and the longevity and research supporting the Alexander technique sent me on a quest to find a local practitioner.

I worked with Michelle for eight months, learning not only about the relationship between the skeletal and muscular structure but also about the importance of deep breathing and various other ways to integrate the components of being an embodied being. Under Michelle’s teaching expertise and guidance, over the months I found that I was not only able to work for longer periods of time with no pain but also to troubleshoot areas of tension and resolve them when they arose. I enthusiastically recommend both the technique and Michelle as teacher.


Alexander Technique lessons in Ann Arbor, Michigan

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