Tracey Baetzel, Pianist/Teacher

I started Alexander work several years ago to see if would be a way to manage tension from a daily commute to Detroit.  As a pianist, I was finding that tight “driving shoulders” interfered with playing, and other types of bodywork and relaxation techniques weren’t helping.  After a year of Alexander reprogramming, I began to be able to play more effortlessly because for the first time I understood how to move correctly to play the notes and produce the desired sound.  (It helped with driving too!).  tbaetzel

I continue with monthly Alexander lessons as an important investment in physical and mental health.  Each lesson is an opportunity to take stock and correct misalignment that causes tightness, reinforce what’s working and increase freedom of movement.  I’m in a much better mood when I feel well physically!  Michelle has an uncanny ability to “read” ones body and figure out what’s out of line.  Recently after an excessive bout of yard work, I developed sciatica and was in great discomfort for several days.  I scheduled a session with Michelle and after an hour on the table I was back to normal.

Each lesson has a “take away”, or a new idea about moving that I like to practice with everyday activities.  For example, this month’s “take away” was awareness of a slight curve at the top of the neck so that we don’t drop our chins trying to maintain uprightness.  We also learned a deep curl that is a wonderful way to relax during practice or any long sitting session.  My favorite part of Alexander lessons is that I always leave feeling incredibly light and springy, and I’ve learned to tap into that feeling outside of lessons.

I highly recommend Michelle and Alexander work for anyone who wants to move freely and feel their best.



Alexander Technique lessons in Ann Arbor, Michigan

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