An Alexander lesson consists of gentle hands-on guidance, accompanied by verbal instruction in routine movements such as sitting down, standing up, walking, reaching, bending down and more. As such, Alexander lessons aren’t a form of exercise.

Students are fully clothed; the process is relaxing and easy.  Lessons build upon one another to reprogram the nervous system, providing tools and practical ideas that students can apply to everyday life.

Usually half of the session takes place with a chair placed in front of and next to mirrors, so that the student can visually check what is happening.  The other half of the session takes place on a table, where the student lies on his/her back. Without the fear of falling, students can release the limbs more fully, deepen the automatic breathing reflex, and allow the torso to let go of holding. Acupressure, reflexology and cranio-sacral therapy enhance the experience.

Click here for an introductory lesson video introduced by the actor William Hurt, who also serves as the student in the demonstration.


Alexander Technique lessons in Ann Arbor, Michigan

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