Who Takes Alexander Lessons?

Although Alexander technique originally began over 100 years ago in the performing arts, people from all professions use the method to help them navigate through long workdays in jobs with a variety of physical demands.  Many people do Alexander work in addition to or in place of massage,  chiropractic sessions and other body work to manage pain or discomfort caused by stress or injuries.  Many students simply want to develop posture and grace that allows them look and feel their best. The following types of people have been known to take lessons:

  • Business people
  • Mid-lifers and seniors
  • Performers (musicians, actors, dancers)
  • Athletes
  • People with injuries or pain anywhere in the body: head, neck, torso, limbs
  • People with medical conditions such as asthma or migraines
  • People with skeletal limitations such as scoliosis, spondylosis, fallen arches, etc. 
  • People with vocal limitations in speaking or singing
  • People whose job requires repetitive movements that strain the same muscles
  • People who are prevented from doing cherished hobbies like gardening because their bodies don’t seem to cooperate

Click here for an animated short film about Alexander Technique.


Alexander Technique lessons in Ann Arbor, Michigan

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