Benefits of Alexander Work

  • Naturally manage and minimize pain:  Alexander students develop awareness of how to let go of harmful habits of sitting, standing, breathing and moving. Injured or weakened areas begin to work again in conjunction with the rest of the body, promoting freedom and ease.


  • Naturally manage and minimize stress:  Alexander lessons teach people to shed unnecessary and unconscious gripping so that only the muscles needed are working and full breathing can be restored.  This is especially important in the technology age, where people are hunched over computers much of the day.
  • Naturally manage the effects of aging:  As we get older, we tend to slow down and therefore lose muscle tone. Our joints can stiffen. Mid-lifers and seniors who do Alexander work exude greater youthfulness as a result of more dynamic equilibrium and graceful movement.
  • Musicians, actors and dancers:  Performing artists often develop pain or become blocked in their progress as a result of tension. Alexander technique was developed by an actor who needed to be able to perform without losing his voice.  Other performing artists and athletes rely on Alexander work to improve technique, address technical difficulties associated with tension, enhance creativity and reduce performance jitters.
  • Communicate confidence:  Whether we like it or not, appearances count.  First impressions and final judgments are often based partially on a non-verbal visual impression.  Those who fully inhabit their bodies and move gracefully communicate both competence and confidence.

Alexander Technique lessons in Ann Arbor, Michigan

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